“Our mission is to CONNECT, Inspire & Support the equine industry."

EquiHerd is a business directory with a difference. This directory offers the perfect social networking platform for all equine businesses to showcase what they do and for likeminded users to connect within the industry.

We want people to feel valued and part of a community or in this instance 'herd', where everyone can have a positive part to play, by sharing their stories and promoting what they do. 

We are focused on bringing the equine world together, raising the profile of local companies and coming together to appreciate one common love, which is horses.

We are passionate about helping others enjoy all that the equestrian industry has to offer and we are committed to: 

  • advertising equine businesses of all different scales and specialisms.
  • expanding networking opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.
  • providing a FREE membership option to ensure accessibility & inclusion for all our users.
  • supporting your individual business needs by offering tiered membership packages to cater for different demands.
  • increasing your online presence and enhancing brand awareness.
  • providing a hassle free service, with complete transparency - there are no hidden costs with EquiHerd & you are not tied into any of our memberships.
  • raising awareness of local events & clinics.
  • offering a platform for our members to upload their items for sale with unlimited edits.
  • signposting jobseekers to their dream jobs.

'Bringing Our Horse Community Together'

We aim to enhance people's experience of the equine world by revealing just how much is available to them in any given area within the UK.

With the online world ever expanding, wouldn't you agree that things can often feel impersonal, overwhelming and in some ways quite isolating? As we all know, it can take a great deal of time and detective work to separate the wheat from the chaff on the internet to find exactly what you are looking for.

In an attempt to connect people, social media sites can quite often have the opposite effect; creating exclusion and unnecessary barriers with the endless creation of new individual groups. Not only does this make it hard from a customer's perspective to find what they are looking for, but also from a business point of view. With the pressure of becoming a member of all these different groups, remembering to post regularly and manage each one effectively, takes time away from your business. 

Sound familiar?

Without realising it, any marketing attempts can quickly lose impact and can often be lost in a sea of other unrelated posts, disengaging the target market, perhaps not even reaching them in the first place and in many cases restricting the flow of traffic to your own website.

We are dedicated to helping you get your business noticed and connecting you directly to your target market.

EquiHerd is a quality service that people can reach out to in order to gain industry specific knowledge, share ideas & work, expand friendship circles and compare services in a chosen area.

By nature, people like to visualise where a business sits within a region and amongst its competitors. EquiHerd aims to reduce the laborious task of trawling through different sites, groups and posts by offering our users a quick and easy to navigate website that is all equine specific.

By satisfying your customers' desire to compare and shop around, you have peace of mind knowing that these new found customers have researched well and are choosing to come to you on your own merits. This frees up your time to concentrate on your business success and do what you do best; supporting the equine industry with your invaluable services.

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