• 8:25pm on 8th April 2019 -

    My 1st foal has arrived!

    The day finally arrived last month when my dream of breeding Thoroughbreds came true.

    After buying her at the Tattersalls December Mare sales and finding her a great home in Yorkshire with large paddocks and fresh pasture, we allowed her to be a horse again before putting her into foal. She was the model mum to be, from looks to the compliments from the farrier and dentist and using TopSpec feed, with what I consider to be the best on the market, she blossomed.

    We made the decision to send her to foal down at a local stud to ensure she could have the best and safest environment. It was a very proud day and the mare took to being a new mum superbly, bonding straight away. The filly was correct, strong, confident and inquisitive, again, everything I could have wished for.

    This new venture came about after looking at a new career, re-qualifying and gaining valuable experience by working on stud farms. I have a passion for horses, due to the 'feel good' factor they give.

    The future is bright and I look forward to the future, sharing more good news and more happy horses and foals with you all.

    • Devon

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