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My Story

As a farmer's daughter, I have always had a fascination for business and a complete love and respect for the countryside. I expect growing up in this type of environment is what has nurtured the appreciation I have for companies of all scales; feeling greatly inspired by even the smallest of businesses and how they support the local community around us.

Throughout my career to date, I have enjoyed working for some fantastic organisations, in a number of different sectors, all offering endless opportunities. For those that know me well however, a job title and salary have never been the driving force in my working life. I would often question the career path I was choosing and having not found my dream job, I became more and more driven in my quest to create the dream job myself.

Do what you love & the rest will follow...

The extensive experiences I have gained in business development, training and marketing have certainly helped this company evolve into what it is today, but it has been that innate desire to run my own business that has always been the vision. Being able to combine my love for dealing with people, passion for promoting and supporting businesses, encouraging sustainable and happy employment and of course, my life-long love of horses hasn't felt like a job at all. 

Having always had a passion for horses myself, I know only too well that for the vast majority of us, it isn't just a hobby plucked from a list of activities to do; horses are a way of life for us, an obsession and in many cases a source of income for those involved.

EquiHerd wants to inspire and support others and this genuine company ethos will come across in all that we do.

Of course everyone comes into the horse world for different reasons and for the most part it is a very social scene. In some instances however, it can become quite an isolating hobby and depending on your location, access to transport and indeed budget, you can quickly become cut off from certain circles. Sound familiar?

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Company History...

The inspiration behind EquiHerd comes from the sudden death of my beloved horse Shadrach. I soon realised that not only do you have to deal with the devastating loss itself, but along with it, if not quickly replaced by another horse, comes the complete loss of your daily routine, way of life and indeed the social networks around you. 

Moving on from Shadrach's untimely death, so young, was not the usual case of outgrowing a pony or selling a horse that was no longer suitable, it was a decision taken out of my hands and there was nothing I could do about it. The feeling of helplessness and loss shook the very ground I walked on and created a void I was not sure I'd ever fill. A feeling many of you can relate to I'm sure!?

Getting Back in the Saddle...

Of course everyone deals with something like this in their own way; some might want to get straight back in the saddle, whilst others may have no choice but to do just that, by having their other four-legged friends waiting for them at the gate calling for tea time. For others however, that experience might just be enough to turn them away from the horse world all together and that's hard if there's no support network. 

Equiherd adopts a supportive community ethos and aims to positively reintroduce those ex riders to this wonderful sport; welcoming horse lovers of all ages, experience and abilities.


Whilst naturally feeling like I wanted to take a step back, I somehow wanted to keep my foot in the stable door of all those things I know and love so well. 

I still felt compelled to play my part in the equine world and I wanted to try and make a difference to others by bringing the community together around me and taking the hassle out of researching all that was available in a given area; whether that be jobs, livery yards, farriers or items for sale. 

Research shows that even as little as 2 miles down the road, people can often be unaware of just how much is available to them by way of events and business services. This not only applies to people moving to a new area, but also to those who have lived and perhaps ridden in an area for years. 

We aim to reduce this common frustration and bring everything together on one modern, easy to use online platform.

As time goes on I feel ever more ready to put my heart and soul back into another horse and in doing this business, it has certainly allowed this process to take place so I guess in many ways I could say yes, this is a tribute to Shadrach. 

Thank you for being a part of EquiHerd and I personally look forward to helping you drive your own business forward and connecting you with new people.

Best Wishes, 

Melanie Jackson


M Jackson